Powering a state takes dedication, hard work and persistence.

Powering it for 70 years requires taking this dedication to a whole new level.

Australia’s longest-running refinery, ExxonMobil’s Altona facility, is marking its 70th year of providing power and of its dedication to Victoria’s energy future.

One of only four operating refineries in Australia, Altona has been at the forefront of Victoria’s energy supply, providing the power the state needed to become the country’s top manufacturer.

It is capable of producing more than 5 billion litres of fuel annually, enough to keep 330,000 cars on the road.

Altona also supplies fuel for heavy vehicles and airplanes, and directly adds over $270 million to the state’s economy every year.

Discover how the Altona refinery is making a difference for the local environment and people, as it fuels Victoria, contributing millions to the economy every year.


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