Patcharin Klinpet is a typical 18-year old who enjoys school, a good laugh and hanging out with her friends. But behind that smile and youthful glow, she shoulders responsibilities that are atypical for most 18-year olds. She is a diligent and talented student. She is the sole care provider for her parents, who are struggling with failing health. And, she is also the sole breadwinner in her family.

Patcharin with her friends at school

When most kids went home after the last bell, Patcharin headed to a local restaurant where she worked as a cook well into the evening. At the same time, she exceeded academically by studying and completing her homework during her lunch breaks.

Her GPA of 3.71 and her passing the entrance exam to Burapa University’s Faculty of  Science are proof of that dedication. Ultimately, she aspires to be a nurse so that she will be in a better position to care for her ailing parents.

Patcharin with her family

Because of all that she does, and is likely to achieve, Patcharin received a grant earlier in 2018 from the Esso Sriracha Refinery in Thailand. It’s the second consecutive year she’s received that honor.

These grants have had a ripple effect on the students in the community. They motivate them and create healthy competition amongst their peers, according to Ms.Thanthita Chotthaninchamras a teacher at Wat Chuk Kacher School and Ms.Chiraporn Suriyachan from Sriracha School.

As for Patcharin, this is only the beginning, as she graduates from high school and springboards her way to greater things — a true example of never letting limited circumstances define a future.


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