Suda Ninvoraskul and Ratrimani Pasiphol are the country’s new chair and managing director, appointed to the roles on the same day.

Thailand Lead Country Manager Suda

Thailand’s Lead Country Manager Suda Ninvoraskul.

Suda will also serve as Lead Country Manager for ExxonMobil’s Thai affiliates. She is not just the first woman in this role, she is also only the second Thai person to hold this position. This appointment, Suda comments, demonstrates the importance of local representation in leadership roles.

“It is important to have local representation because it inspires our local employees and allows them to see that they can reach the top as well,” Suda says. “It has also created a sense of pride in the organization.”

Ratrimani has been with the company for 31 years, and steps into her new role after serving as director and chief financial officer for Esso Thailand.

She says diversity and inclusion in the workplace has created an environment at ExxonMobil where people’s talents can shine through and different perspectives are seen as an asset, enabling people to rise to the top regardless of background.

“I believe that no matter our gender or nationality, the most important thing is to keep doing our best and continue to stretch our boundaries,” says Ratrimani. “Our ability to contribute is a more important factor than who we are and we should continue challenging ourselves to upskill.”

Thailand managing director Ratrimani

Thailand’s new Managing Director Ratrimani Pasiphol.

Suda says her focus is now on the transition of the business and the sale of ExxonMobil’s interest in Esso Thailand, which has served the country for nearly 130 years. Esso Thailand includes the Sriracha Refinery, select distribution terminals and Esso-branded retail stations.

“Esso and its predecessor companies have been a big part of Thai society for almost 130 years and are a big part in my life. I’ve filled my tank with Esso products since I started driving,” Suda says.

At the end of the day, Suda’s leadership goal is simple: “I would like to ensure that ExxonMobil continues to be one of the greatest places to work in Thailand.”


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