The rise of virtual learning and self-paced training combined with traditional hands-on experience is creating a new paradigm in the office and on the work site.

The intersection of traditional training and technological advantages is taking on-the-job learning to new heights.

This has been driven by the group’s continued focus and dedication to advancing employees’ learning and skills to stay ahead of workplace trends such as digitisation and the integration of big data, providing the ability to meet emerging customer needs.

This dedication to employee training and education over their career has been recognised, with ExxonMobil Thailand recently winning a 2021 HR Excellence Award, Gold in Learning & Development.

ExxonMobil’s global learning delivery services manager Yupa Wongvitaya explains her continued passion for training and education, how its delivery has changed over her career and the ways it is continuing to adapt and develop to integrate new technology and the demands of the next generation of leaders.


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