In this profile series, meet the people working behind the scenes to make sure your energy is available when you need it. Learn what motivates them to keep their country moving.

Katimin – Production Operation Technician

Katimin has taken the lessons from working at gas plants across multiple countries to improve his family’s rice farm in Indonesia and give back to the local community.

“I used to have to get up early and work the rice paddy fields and help the family, my mother and father worked in the fields,” Katimin said

Katimin said working for ExxonMobil Indonesia has not just given his family the money to improve their farm but has also given him self-discipline – learnt from working at gas plants around the world – that he has applied to helping run his family’s business.

He said his mindset when working, both at the farm and the office, is now different.

“It has changed me…when I was working in the rice paddies, I worked hard but I’ve now learnt to be more efficient and productive,” he said.

“I know what I will reap, I will sow.”

He added that the improvements made to his family’s rice paddies, such as improved irrigation and pumps, meant his mother no longer had to work in the fields.

Katimin’s story began when he had just finished high school and a position arose at ExxonMobil’s Bojonegoro operation. He said he was first motivated to join the company as it was one of the few in the region actively hiring Indonesians.

While his career started in Indonesia, he has since travelled to Canada and Malaysia before returning to Indonesia.

After 12 years at ExxonMobil Katimin is now a production operation technician keeping the gas flowing at the central production facility at the centre of EMI’s production unit; and is once more near his family’s rice farm.

He said the company has been a major contributor to his local Bojonegoro region, which has encouraged him to play a greater role in the local community as well as the farm, creating a better future for his family and his region.

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