In this profile series, meet the people working behind the scenes to make sure your energy is available when you need it, and learn what motivates them to keep their country moving.


Akhmad Rokhim – Lead Mechanic

For a farmer’s son, working as a mechanic for ExxonMobil has been a ticket to the world, but despite Ahkmad Rokhim’s globetrotting, his focus has remained on powering Indonesia’s future.

Rokhim began his career in manufacturing but made the leap to the energy industry after only a year, because he wanted to help build Indonesia into an economic powerhouse.

Since joining ExxonMobil in 2007, Rokhim has spent more than a decade travelling to assignments as varied as Aceh and Jakarta in Indonesia, Wyoming in the United States, and Malaysia.

The role has given him many opportunities he would have never imagined during days on his father’s farm.

“It has been a blessing being an employee in a multinational company like ExxonMobil Indonesia and gaining an opportunity to learn new things from around the world,” Rokhim said.

“They offered me an opportunity for development, and it’s a job that is beneficial for our economic development in Indonesia.”

The job allowed him to learn skills beyond the scope of his role, including learning English.

Rokhim is also a member of a number of regional charity organisations, such as Sedekah untuk Nasi Bungkus (Charity for Blessed Rice), which provides free meals to the needy, and the Bojonegoro Cepu Foundation, which pays for the education of local disadvantaged children.



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