Who are the ones driving the developments, the innovations, and fuelling change to power a better future?

On International Women’s Day, we look at some of the women across the world who are playing their part in creating the energy, products and innovations that improve lives as well as those at the forefront of thought leadership.

Discover their stories and the unique impacts they are making.


Rising tides lift all boats. Meet the woman who is changing the face of shipping in her home country of Papua New Guinea, becoming the nation’s first female Loading Master/Supervisor at the country’s largest gas project export terminal.

Now a Marine Supervisor, see how her ambition and drive is propelling her forward and paving a path for other women.


Nagashree is a young, Indian research technologist with a passion for polymers and how they impact our lives. Explore the work she is doing to develop new solutions to build a better future for India.

Tze San: 

It can take just one good idea to change the world and the right people to support it. Hear in Tze San’s own words how the energy sector has evolved during her career, supporting people from diverse backgrounds to achieve more and create more for a better world.


A first day for the record books! Vickie Watch is a Papua New Guinean woman rising through the ranks of the PNG LNG energy project. While she is now a pipeline supervisor, it wasn’t an easy start. See how Vickie’s first day saw her at the helm of a gas plant, as ExxonMobil PNG’s first-ever gas plant control technician, bringing online the gas wells for a $US19 billion-dollar energy project after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the area.


A breakthrough requires imagination and drive. Discover how Jenny set off on her path of engineering discovery, that took her from Hong Kong to the other side of the world to find solutions to challenging questions.


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