Now imagine that for every minute your machines stop, it also costs thousands upon thousands of dollars. This nightmare can swiftly become a reality for many in industrial and energy sectors, costing them millions.

So, what do you do? Whom do you call? Who helps you?

For those in the energy sector, in particular workers at ExxonMobil’s operating facilities and those searching for energy around the world, having specialized technical help that speaks your language is – fortunately – at hand.

And it’s help that can not only walk you through the necessary steps to get back into operation, but also knows your worksite firsthand, helping you to develop insights to potentially work safer and more efficiently.

Employees at KLTC in a meeting

KLTC offers expertise to help develop technical solutions to strengthen ExxonMobil’s operations around the world.

For ExxonMobil, the Kuala Lumpur Technology Centre (KLTC) acts as this global engineering and problem-solving hub. From upstream to downstream and everything in between, including refineries and chemical plants, it is the technology partner for people in the field.

The site was chosen after a study into the best central location and talent for an engineering global support office close to ExxonMobil’s facilities.

Starting as a direct extension of ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, it has now grown into multiple divisions, especially Manufacturing Engineering, which has expanded rapidly in the last few years.

For more than a decade, the center has backed ExxonMobil’s operating sites by providing engineering and manufacturing support. Their gathered expertise, knowledge and capability allowed them to work with site teams to overcome issues in the field and beyond using technical know-how to provide solutions to drive operations excellence, efficiencies and reliability.

Santosh with KL skyline in background

Santosh Nadarajan, KLTC Manager and Asia Pacific Regional Engineering Manager

Santosh Nadarajan, the KLTC Manager and Asia Pacific Regional Engineering Manager explained, “We have 30 engineering and technical disciplines in one organization…our exciting journey of growth has been marked by a strong culture of innovation and technical excellence.”

“There is a special vibe and energy here that is hard to find anywhere else…our staff have the enthusiasm and engineering curiosity to make a step change in how we solve our industry’s challenges as we navigate the energy transition into the future.”

From its start in 2011, with only 14 employees, nearly all of them local, the center has grown to become more than 500 local engineers speaking multiple languages to provide support for ExxonMobil’s global sites.

Since 2014, it has sent more than 150 engineers around the world to get to know operations on the ground. It has provided the tailored support that site teams require, ensuring that they get the help they need to continue to power the world.

Jan-Willem headshot

Jan-Willem Briet, KLTC Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Despite its global capabilities, the facility has kept true to its early ethos of staying local, with 95 per cent of its workforce Malaysian, many of whom have been educated at top universities around the world.

This broad spread of experience has also created a hub of knowledge and learning, as KLTC staff are able to leverage one another’s expertise.

Jan-Willem Briet, the KLTC Manufacturing Engineering Manager, added that KLTC staff also learn through their collaboration with ExxonMobil’s operating sites.

“Our teams leverage ExxonMobil’s scale, expertise and technology to help our facilities operate more safely, sustain industry leading performance, and maintain their competitive edge,” he said.

As the KLTC continues to hone its skills and grow, the energy industry can continue to find and produce the energy needed to power the world, now and into the future, knowing it has the support it needs when it needs it most.


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