From its lush rainforest landscapes and mountainous terrain to its rich cultural heritage with more than 800 recognised languages, Papua New Guinea is truly unique.

Another thing setting this nation apart is its natural gas. Today, the country is home to the Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas (PNG LNG) project, a massive undertaking that is transforming Asia’s energy mix.

Production at PNG LNG began in April 2014, and since then it has provided about 20 per cent of Port Moresby electricity, with PNG LNG recently supplying additional gas to the market which has boosted the city’s power by almost 40 per cent.

Its processing facilities are also helping to power China, Japan and other Asian countries every day.

This natural gas resource has contributed to the economic outlook for Papua New Guinea, who are also pursuing environmental conservation programs.

Thousands of Papua New Guineans have worked on the project so far, and communities near the project area have benefitted from increased access to education, health care and improved infrastructure, like roads.

Today, 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas is processed at the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant every day and the project plans to produce as much as 11 trillion cubic feet of LNG over its life span.

Find out how the PNG LNG project is reshaping the country and how ExxonMobil is adding value to local communities.


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