Currently the LNG Supply Planning Manager, Elaine explains that natural gas plays an important role in the energy mix as the world moves towards a low-carbon energy system, as it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than coal and oil when used as an energy source.

She adds that many industry stakeholders are also looking at using carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to complement natural gas to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Elaine and her team at the Singapore Chemical Plant.

Elaine has also used her skills to help reduce industrial waste through smarter operations.


“I believe that women in STEM careers can make a real impact by contributing to innovation, and creating sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life and meet society’s evolving needs.”

– Elaine Lee


In a previous role at ExxonMobil’s petrochemical complex in Singapore, she led the Intermediates Technical team, applying their chemical engineering knowledge, with data analytics capabilities to reduce operating costs and waste production. Through their efforts, there were energy efficiency improvements that also led to reduced waste generation.

Elaine (third from the left) out in the field.

“In my career, the diverse range of perspectives – including that of women – in manufacturing and commercial teams have resulted in more holistic business decisions and outcomes,” she says.Earlier this year, Elaine also stepped up as president of ExxonMobil’s Singapore Women’s Interest Network (SG WIN), the local chapter of one of the company’s employee groups

She has been driving the SG WIN committee’s mission to empower and enable women’s professional and personal development.

Elaine with the Singapore WIN team, July 2022.

Leading a team of about 40 employee volunteers, Elaine and SG WIN organizes workshops and events for employees, and supports community causes through volunteerism and fund-raising efforts.

One successful effort is a collaboration with the Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS), where SG WIN runs clothes-collection drives across the company, which supports PFS’ mission of reintegrating women back into society.



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