I am a first-line maintenance supervisor at the Banyu Urip oil field, a title that means I oversee the operations of large, sophisticated machinery and equipment at ExxonMobil’s Banyu Urip field  Central Processing Facility (CPF).

What that really means, however, is that I am responsible for making sure everyone on my team to returns home safely each day to their families. Our standards for preventative maintenance, planning and monitoring are extremely high, so our safety standards also have to be world class.

At age 32, I am the youngest on my team. There are nine of us, but I couldn’t fulfill my mission without their input and expertise. Our collective efforts help prevent disruptions to production, which is part of the reason our site is the most efficient in Indonesia.

I joined the company in 2007 when I was still a student, and I was amazed that this huge organization was able to see potential in someone so young. I’ve grown a lot over the past 11 years, thanks to ExxonMobil’s support.

I now have a roadmap to guide me on a path I’d never imagined traveling.

A big part of the program was not only mastering the basics of oil and gas, but also learning English, an essential skill for communicating with people from all over the world. This also gave me the chance to continue my education in the United States and in Canada – an eye-opening experience I still cherish.

These days, my daily work requires me to use all the tools and skills I’ve honed over the past decade to ensure my team remains safe while we each continue to learn and grow.

I am reminded of the high stakes at play each time I see my wife and our 5-year-old boy and girl of almost 2 years. It helps me appreciate each next step in our shared journey.

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