The world is undergoing one of the greatest shifts in its energy landscape since the age of industrialisation but how do we prepare for this change?

One of the ways to ready the world is by introducing a change in mindset.

And one of the best ways to do this is through encouraging more women into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

These women bring new ideas, new ways of approaching obstacles and finding new solutions.

ExxonMobil’s director of Asia Pacific retail, Mabel Leung, said the impact of rising energy demand in Asia Pacific means it is important to encourage more women into a STEM career is changing the world.

However, she said it should not just be about meeting the numbers.

She said it should be an effort to make real change at all levels of business and society.

The importance of providing these women the right mentoring as they enter the industry is critical in guiding them in a lifelong career.

Mabel Leung said STEM is for all, and there needs to be support to galvanise young women to take part in the future of industry.

Watch below to hear Mabel discuss how to address the dual challenge of providing for rising energy demand while reducing emissions, and the importance of encouraging more women into a STEM career.

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