The Power Play Awards, presented by ExxonMobil, recognize and celebrate the achievements of remarkable women, and the men who support their success, across the liquefied natural gas (LNG) value chain. And now they have shined a light on Papua New Guinea.

Dr Jane Mogina, the first PNG Pioneer award winner at the Power Play Awards.

The Power Play Awards focus on energy pioneers, ambassadors, and rising stars around the world whose accomplishments inspire others in the LNG industry, and provides a place for these women to network, collaborate, and do business.

The awards are open to women who work for companies other than ExxonMobil, across the entire spectrum of the industry; from technical operators and engineers to trainers, safety and legal experts, those protecting biodiversity and more.

This year not only marked the awards’ fifth year, but it was also the first time the awards were held at a local level in Papua New Guinea. This year also saw a momentous first: Papua New Guineans nominated for – and winning – at the global awards.

Winning Women in PNG and beyond

The ‘Best of the Best’ in the LNG industry were celebrated at the inaugural Power Play Awards Papua New Guinea alongside guest of honour Hon. Kerenga Kua, Minister for Petroleum and Energy, government, business leaders and industry at a reception in Port Moresby.

Valentina Kaman, from the PNG state-owned MRDC where she manages project landowner benefits, was named Ambassador for her belief that nation-building is a shared responsibility which underscores her dedication to knowledge and education as tools for unlocking PNG’s full potential.

The first PNG Power Play Awards’ Ambassador winner Valentina Kaman.

Dr Janie Mogina, a Biodiversity and IFC Advisor at TotalEnergies PNG, was named Pioneer for developing Papua New Guinea’s first LNG biodiversity offset program. This initiative has discovered numerous new species and established the PNG LNG Project’s environmental program credibility. Her work is also helping to shape the biodiversity efforts for the country’s second LNG development, the Papua LNG Project, a separate operation to PNG LNG.

Jasmine Harrison, Senior Manager at Placements (PNG), was named Rising Star for her commitment to contractor workforces across the LNG industry and her passion for removing potential barriers for young Papua New Guineans entering the workforce. Not just the youngest person, but also the first woman to fill her role, Jasmine’s goal is to support more women and young Papua New Guineans to join the industry.

And now, for the first time in the global awards history there was not only a nominee from Papua New Guinea, but also a winner.

Dr Jane Mogina was recognised as The Pioneer during the global Power Play Awards, held in Singapore during the Gastech Exhibition and Conference.

Setting the Standard

Tera Shandro Chairperson and Managing Director of ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG), explained when the world looks to PNG, it sees trailblazers who are setting the highest of standards, and the Power Play Awards Papua New Guinea recognizes their contributions to the LNG industry in the country.
“Reflecting on the past nine years of the PNG LNG Project, there is no doubt our Papua New Guinean workforce have played a leading role in our success. But they haven’t been alone in their efforts. They have been joined by thousands of women, and men, who have helped to create our LNG industry.

“The diversity of our ‘nominees Jasmine Harrison, Placements (PNG); Stephanie Alopea, Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited; Sharron Tobby, Hides Energy Services Limited; Jeklin Talonu, National Energy Authority; Dr Jane Mogina, TotalEnergies PNG; Kenny Peter, Black Swan International; Valentina Kaman, Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC); Jerry Albaniel, JA Video Production; and Jorrindah Ravu, Training Coordinator at Kumul Petroleum Academy, is a testament to the opportunities that the LNG industry offers.

“As we look to the future of the LNG industry in Papua New Guinea, we are confident that this industry will go on to inspire many future generations,” she said.


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