Back in 2012, ExxonMobil’s lubricant business had a bold idea. Inspired by the company’s commitment to “Protect Tomorrow. Today,” it set out to minimise the waste produced by its plants, reducing the amount ending up in landfills. This was an ambitious initiative, but six years later, lubricant plants around the world are on track to reach that goal.

Since fully implementing its customised waste management program in 2015, ExxonMobil’s lubricant business has diverted 93 percent of its waste  — more than 50,000 tons (US) — out of landfills annually.

This achievement hasn’t gone unnoticed. Last year, the business received a “Zero Waste to Landfill” silver validation from independent certification organisation UL, making ExxonMobil the world’s first petroleum products company to receive such a recognition.

Scroll through our infographic to learn about some of the actions big and small that made this industry first possible.

(In US tons)


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