From there you’re able to cook, heat your home, run a factory.

There are a myriad of uses for gas; some people even use it to run transport – with India seeing enormous growth in its compressed natural gas bus fleets while Singapore is set to become the world’s largest liquid natural gas (LNG) bunkering hub for gas-powered shipping.

Papua New Guinea’s economy is set to receive billions of dollars over the lifetime of the massive PNG LNG project, which is delivering power to the country and millions of people around Asia Pacific.

But where does this energy come from?

This fuel source is millions of years in the making, and there are deposits of it all around the world, hidden beneath layers of rock.

A group of highly trained people called geologists who scour the globe looking for the fuel that powers your life.

So how do these geologists uncover these sources of energy?

It takes a lot of science, a little art and sometimes a little luck to find the energy waiting just beneath the surface.

But they have come a long way since looking for fuel seeping out of the ground and using educated guesswork to figure out what was under the earth, now using cutting-edge technology and big data to discover hidden sources of energy.

Read on to discover the processes – and people – who are playing their part to power the world every day.

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