Global Thermostat and ExxonMobil are extending their collaboration to continue researching pathways to scale the removal of carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

The two companies have worked together for the past year and will continue their collaboration to research ways to scale up Global Thermostat’s carbon capture technology.

Solutions that extract CO2 directly from the atmosphere like Global Thermostat’s system are considered essential to meeting the world’s climate goals.

Still, it’s a challenging task when you consider that for every 10,000 molecules floating in the air, just four are CO2. The less concentrated a substance is, the more difficult the capture process becomes.

Global Thermostat’s carbon capture innovation removes emissions from the environment using a combination of large fans and sorbents called amines that can filter out emissions directly from the air.

Watch the video to learn more about Global Thermostat and ExxonMobil’s ambitious carbon capture research collaboration:


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