The love affair with cars is a global phenomenon — and Asia’s growing middle class is embracing that passion for the latest technologies under the hood and beyond.

Some of those technological successes come from ExxonMobil’s investments at its Singapore refinery, where engineers are constantly developing innovative products for the automotive world and for many different industries across the globe.

Specifically, the refinery will increase production of high-quality EHCTM Group II base stocks which are designed to meet new and upcoming finished lubricant specifications. This refinery expansion project continues to progress towards its scheduled completion in the second quarter of 2019.

But, what are group II base stocks?

Group II base stocks are a fundamental ingredient for various lubricants that require unique strengths and properties, depending on their use – from automotive to industrial. High quality lubricants equate to improved efficiencies in engines and machinery.

So, what are some of the uses of base stocks and in which industry?

Improved performance in cars: Higher quality base oils, result in better quality motor oils. This is evident in Mobil Super engine oil, which offers optimal lubrication and is used in light-duty cars and commercial vehicles. The use of high-quality engine oils improves performance and prolongs the life of modern engines.

Mining and mobility: Industrial lubricants are used in mining, power generation and manufacturing. Mobil’s industrial grade lubricants keep the mining industry moving with a range of products that offer increased efficiency for both mobile and stationary vehicles. Coal, nuclear, gas turbine and natural gas fuelled power plants rely heavily on industrial lubricants.

Powering the oil and gas industry: Lubricants are also used widely in the oil and gas industry — in onshore and offshore drilling, on board offshore vessels and in refining, just to name a few. High quality lubricants allow for smooth day-to-day operations and ensure the efficient movement of engine parts and machinery that rely on them.

Most people don’t think about base stocks as they go about their daily lives, but it is certainly there, in the background, giving everyone the power to move- efficiently.


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