ExxonMobil China’s workforce has dug deep to keep essential energy flowing and support the nation’s widespread response efforts to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite several challenges, employees quickly got supplies of necessary lubricants to those helping to rapidly build new hospitals and manufacture new ambulances in the country.

“Our team in China leapt into action, working collaboratively despite the Lunar New Year holiday and transport restrictions in Hubei province,” ExxonMobil North Asia Pacific manufacturing business unit director for finished lubes, Teoh Song Ping, said.

“There was a real can-do spirit. They organised supplies from across the country, in different cities and different time zones, and worked with authorities to quickly get the right transport permits for the lubricants.”

With the lubricants, large manufacturers were able to continue their operations, and make the steel and heavy machinery that went into building brand new ambulances and hospitals – some built in just 10 days.

ExxonMobil also delivered the raw materials needed for the production of tens of millions of medical protective clothing items and hundreds of millions of masks.

In addition to the products delivered, ExxonMobil donated US$230,000 to the China Charity Federation, which included a US$30,000 contribution from the ExxonMobil China employees union, and the company provided 48,000 medical masks and 4,300 protective suits for affected communities.

The company also achieved its goal of keeping its workforce safe.

“One of our top priorities throughout this has been the health and safety of our employees while they ensured uninterrupted supply of lubricants and materials to make medical equipment,”  ExxonMobil China’s Lead Country Manager Fernando Vallina said.

“From the start of the outbreak, we put measures in place to do what we could to support fighting COVID-19. I’ve been impressed to see how people, industry and government have collaborated in their response.”

  • The ExxonMobil China team provided the lubricants that supported the construction of hospitals and ambulances in China during the outbreak. As the nation recovers, ExxonMobil continues to provide the energy needed to get the country back on track.
  • In China, the company provided 48,000 medical masks and 4,300 protective suits for affected communities during the outbreak.


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