Natural gas is fuelling the future.

This was a major focus at the recent World Gas Conference in Washington, D.C., as rising global demand and  expanding U.S. production are helping fuel a growing LNG trade. According to the U.S. EIA, global LNG demand rose 10 percent in 2017 while U.S. LNG exports quadrupled. In 2016, natural gas overtook coal as the leading energy source for electricity generation in the U.S., supplying about one-third U.S. electricity the last two years* (2016 34%, 2017 32%).

This versatile and abundant resource is driving not only a manufacturing renaissance, but also emissions reductions, as natural gas emits up to 60 percent fewer GHGs than coal for power generation. In the U.S., energy-related CO2 emissions are at a 25-year low, thanks largely to the benefits of greater use of natural gas.

We spoke to a number of participants at the World Gas Conference who believe that natural gas is both the fuel of right now and the future. Watch our video to hear what they have to say.


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